Time is merely a human construct.

University of Kram Yentaw

Tyr, Mane Kwa, Center of the Earth

Want to know the exact dates?
There's no need!
You will be cordially escorted to the university without any warning, but free of charge!

MathISni is an intensive residential math program for mathochistic secondary students.

Do you love hurting yourself through mathematics? Have you ever thought: MathIGy sounds like waaaay to much fun? Perhaps MathISni is for you. In MathISni classes, you will do thousands of basic artihmetic worksheets every day. If the instructors find your work unsavory, there will be severe consequences. By the end of MathISni your mind and body will have been crushed; MathISNI is held in an underground bunker at the center of the earth in a particle accelerator. Primarily, you will find mathematics infused with the strong nuclear interaction.

MathISni is an indeterminate amount of time of seething mathematical pain.

Even if you are stumped by even numbers, our Heavy Metal Instructors and Angstrom Instructors will prescribe odd worksheets. Some of the previous students' favorite topics have been looooooooong division and determining whether a number is prime by hand.

MathISni is designed for students who seek heart-crushing mathochism infused with strong nuclear interactions. Participants actively antagonize each other, but are united in a desire to crush MathIGy, and, the world.

Want a little less pressure? Try MathIGy.
Want a lot less pressure? Check out MathILy and MathILy-Er.

Timing or crushing inconvenient? Well, too bad, there is no free choice in the world of MathISni.


strong nuclear interaction

We are infused with 6 thousand trillion trillion trillion times more gravity than MathIGy.

MathISni is a project of the for-profit organization Weakly Metal Vector, Inc.