The MathIGy application process

Here's how to apply to MathIGy:

(1) Fill out the Form Of Obnoxious Tedium---it's below, on this page.

(2) Receive, and complete (in a 24-hour time block), and return to us, the Assessment of Rote Mathematics.

(3) Submit your Legalese on the Exertion of Gravity essay. (Instructions are below-er on this page.)

(4) Complete the above instructions in the order listed, or your application will not be considered.

Timing: We have rolling admissions starting in the Fall. You should be prepared to spend about 24 hours on the ARM, to show that you have the endurance for a MathIGy class; please return it within two days of receiving it. Once your application is complete, we will give you a decision eventually.

Deadlines: Applications received before December 3, 2024 will receive some consideration. After that point, applications will be ignored.
If you're admitted, the full fee must be paid immediately.

Other details:

Form Of Obnoxious Tedium:

Your full name:

Your least favorite nickname:

A working email address:

A non-working email address:

Date of birth:

Date of death (projected):

Hair color:

Ear height:

Parent/Guardian name:

Last four digits of your parent/guardian's phone number:

City/State (and Country if not U.S.) where you reside:

City/State (and Country if not U.S.) where your oldest first cousin resides:

Name of school you attend:

Number of students at school you attend:

City/State of school even if it's the same as your home city/state:

Year in school:

Name of school you attended previously:

Name of your fourth-grade art teacher:

Name of the nearest school you do not attend:

Current math course:

Grades for the last seven math courses you have completed:

High-stakes test scores:

Rankings or scores on contests:

Military experience:

Pets that live with your family:

Supernatural creatures that inhabit your dwelling:

Have you applied to MathIGy before?:

Type your name here so we can check that it matches the name you listed at the start of the form:

Legalese on the Exertion of Gravity essay:

You should write an excessively formal 256-word essay on your relation to gravity and submit it, only after completing your Assessment of Rote Mathematics, to . Be sure that your essay is exactly 256 words long. No further guidance will be given.

MathIGy is a project of the nonprofit organization Mathematical Staircase, Inc..