The MathILy-EST Application Form

Application materials must be received by April 5, 2023. That includes the letters of recommendation---speaking of which, a few words of advice. REUs of all kinds expect field-specific commentary on research readiness from recommenders, so the best advocates for a MathILy-EST applicant will be instructors who have done (or continue to do!) mathematics research themselves. College faculty are more likely than high-school teachers to have the requisite experience, with instructors at summer intensives likely somewhere in the middle.

Note about SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: MathILy-EST will take place in 2023, in person and with full vaccination required. If a change in pandemic conditions makes this impossible, then MathILy-EST will again take place synchronously online.

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Please list the mathematics courses you've taken and the textbooks you used.
Example. Calculus: Calculus, by Hughes-Hallett et. al.

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Personal Statement

We suggest that you write your responses in a text editor and then copy/paste them here, so no internet weirdo blip deletes all your hard-written text.

As an early college student, it may be that your instructors don't know you well yet. Give information about the depth of your mathematical interest and experience beyond your classes.
Describe an important mathematical experience you have had, and explain why you enjoyed it and how it impacted you.

Why are you interested in mathematical research?

What are your mathematical interests?
Why are you interested in this year's topic, incidence geometry over finite fields?

What are your academic interests outside of mathematics? (If none, what are your non-academic interests outside of mathematics?)

(optional) Are you a member of a group underrepresented in mathematics? Feel free to disclose that information (or not!) here.

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