Want to work at {MathILy, MathILy-Er}?

There are two types of positions for which we regularly have openings. These are:

PRiME: A PRiME is a general program aide. This includes supervising students, being a residential counselor, managing logistics, and providing administrative assistance. A PRiME needs to have a driver's license and should know some advanced mathematics in order to support students through an intense and challenging academic experience and to give content and style comments on student proofs. Particularly appropriate people include undergraduate students who are excited about mathematics, or in-service high-school teachers. We strongly prefer that PRiMEs be at least 20 years of age.


instructional headgear

Nate Harman as AI (later LI) in polytopes class



Corrine Yap as PRiME (later AI)
[in background: Gideon Leeper as student (later AI)]

AI: An AI assists in teaching under the direction of a LI. This includes working with students during classes, leading parts of classes, and helping to write problems and assess student writing. AIs are generally graduate students. We require that AIs have fully mastered undergraduate theoretical {linear algebra, combinatorics, graph theory}. Coursework in algebra, analysis, probability, optimization, and topology is helpful.

We rarely have openings for Lead Instructors (LI), but: An LI is responsible for preparing and directing classes, including conforming to required curriculum and designing new curriculum. We have very stringent requirements for LIs. An LI must have a Ph.D. in mathematics or a related field, have experience with inquiry-based learning in a collegiate or intensive summer environment, and have been directly observed effectively using inquiry-based learning by a current or former LI. One way to meet the "direct observation" requirement is to give a Daily Gather.

We fill many, but not all, positions far in advance---sometimes as early as October of the previous calendar year. We also keep information on promising candidates on file and contact them first when we have openings. Still, even in years when all current positions are filled early, additional positions may open in the Spring.

Brian Hannah Max

hanging out in the back of the classroom

Three repeat offenders all in one place: Brian Freidin, Hannah Alpert, Max Engelstein as AIs (later LIs)

Here's how to get into our system: Contact the by email. Send a CV if you already have one written, or describe your math background if not. Tell us what about {MathILy, MathILy-Er} attracts you, and what kind of position you're seeking. Eat a Jelly Baby (do not attach to the email).

Student Work

student work

Written work in the process of getting feedback

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